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Wellness Assessment

I get asked quite a bit how a person is doing from a Parkinson's standpoint. This assessment is a way for me to communicate that to you and to be able to monitor your progress. This is not physical therapy. It is an overall head to toe assessment with functional testing and questionnaires from a Parkinson’s standpoint to see how you are doing in all categories of not only physical function but also sleep and quality of life.  This is to get a baseline for you to see how you are doing and then compare yourself on how you are doing overall in all categories as each year passes. This is a good assessment to complete and occasionally to do to monitor yourself closely function-wise. Unfortunately, there are limitations with insurance-based therapy, and when using functional testing, if there is no significant improvement, you oftentimes have to discharge. So this is a way to test many facets and functional tests and to be able to monitor your progress from all aspects of the disease instead of just motor symptoms.

Some people also want me to review their current workout regimen to see if it what they are doing is helping them. Which is why I came up with the Wellness Assessment Plus! It gives you the full hour-long assessment above but also two other one hour appts where we go over your current exercise and health regimen, and I adjust it as needed depending on your deficits/areas of focus needed to improve!

Why i offer the Assessment?

"Clients often ask about their overall wellness and how they are progressing with Parkinson's Disease. This is my opportunity to do a deep dive into their current state of health and through that discovery, offer valuable insight into their health journey!"

Often times, people are working out themselves and participating in other programs, so this assessment is a way to monitor themselves.

The Wellness Plus is a way for me to assess your current program and add/take away exercises to improve your overall workout regimen.

"Keeping a positive outlook and having a good attitude helps us to improve our physical state."

Wellness Assessment $130

Includes one full hour of wellness testing and review of results upon completion.

Wellness Assessment Plus  $285

Includes one full hour of wellness testing and two, one hour one-on-one sessions with Dr. Leslie to review your custom exercise regimen that best fits you!


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