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Thrive Personal Training

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Group setting not for you?

Thrive also offers individual one-on-one personal training sessions. These are personalized to meet your goals. I will conduct an assessment to develop the plan for improving any symptoms or dysfunction present to improve your overall movement and quality of life. Sessions can vary from one hour to 30 minutes.


Even though I am a physical therapist, these individual sessions are not physical therapy and do not replace physical therapy. They are a personal training regimen like you would get if you were a member of a gym. This is to help you maintain or continue to improve in between the rounds of therapy that you receive or in addition to therapy.

Ready to get started?

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When you purchase your pass, it does not expire and can be used however you'd like. For example, if you purchase the 6 pack, you can come one time a month, once a week, etc. 

As someone with Parkinson's disease, I know how important it is to keep exercising. Having just moved to Greenville, SC when I was diagnosed, I attended Leslie's classes at the Dedicated Therapy Studio. Then Covid hit which forced the change to on-line classes at Thrive Parkinson's Fitness...and I love them. Leslie always greets me personally and gets all in the class going. She is an excellent Parkinson's Physical Therapist and her classes are innovative and fun. She works ALL muscle groups. Before Leslie, I had so much trouble walking and keeping my balance but after working with her I am doing so much better. "Feet!" "Feet!" "Feet!" She says and when I remember to move them and do what she says, I'm pretty good. I cannot recommend her on-line classes enough. Good, personal and convenient. Go, Leslie! And go Leslie's on-line classes! 

Lamar F.

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